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Lazer Osprey Laverty Carbon - Yellow-Red-Green

Lazer Osprey Laverty Carbon - Yellow-Red-Green

Varunr. MLE025089AE-6


SEK 5.190,00

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  • Styrthjelme

• 2 shell sizes

• New spoiler

• 1300gr (L, Pure Carbon) / 1430gr (L, Pure Glass)

• ECE 22.05

• WideClear visor Pinlock® MaxVision provided

• V.P.F.S. (visor perfect fi t system)

• Removable peripheral visor seal

• High security visor fi xation – reinforced with


• Quick release visor system

• Double D racing buckle

• 4 refl ective zones (3M)

• Quadruple density internal shell

• Ventilation Full Air System (FAS), Venturi effect

(5 ventilations)

• Interior 100% removable and washable

• Interior with antimicrobial and ecological textile


• Morpho System Plus (cheeks and head pads

available in your size)

• Ergonomic 3D cheek pads

• Flexible removable nose defl ector

• Removable chin-curtain + short high-ventilation

chin-curtain (introduction during the season)

• Speaker ready

• Specifi c helmet bag

• 5 years warranty (2 years + 3 years after